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You can get your mits on our popcorn at any of the below places.

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It's easier than ever to pick up your favourite popcorn with Maize & Grace available in stores, online and delivered direct to your door.

Nothing beats quality popcorn, a cosy cinema and a great movie and thats why we partner with cinemas across the UK to deliver a range of traditional and creative flavours for film fanatics to enjoy. Check out our cinemas page to see where we are popping up.

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Partnerships & Venues

Pop music meets Popcorn

Karaoke and popcorn? Sounds great. Even if your voice doesn't! You can now find Maize & Grace at Lucky Voice, Soho
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A match made in heaven at Behind This Wall

Our buddies at Behind This Wall are serving up Maize & Grace with your favourite brews for a tasting experience that really hits the spot.
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We've teamed up with Fresh Fitness Foods

A food subscription for fitness fanatics. Our popcorn features as a recommended healthy snack! See, we’re not lying!
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Our popcorn

Experience the new standard of snacking

Grab an 8 bag bundle for just £20.90 (£23.20)
Kcals per serve
Sweet & Salt
One bag (54g) contains 3 servings
allergens & nutrition
Kcals per serve
Cheese & Jalapeño
One bag (36g) contains 2 servings
allergens & nutrition
Kcals per serve
Salted Caramel
One bag (72g) contains 3 servings
allergens & nutrition
Kcals per serve
One bag (36g) contains 2 servings
allergens & nutrition
Kcals per serve
Black Truffle
One bag (36g) contains 2 servings
allergens & nutrition

Mixed Bag Bundles

Choose from one of our three mixed bag bundles and save

  • 4-Bag Intro Bundle - £9.90
    1x Salted Caramel, 1x Sweet & Salt, 1x Cheese & Jalapeño, 1x Black Truffle
  • 8-Bag Bundle - £17.90 (£20.00) Save 10%
    2x Salted Caramel, 2x Sweet & Salt, 2x Cheese & Jalapeño, 1x Black Truffle, 1x Paprika
  • 16-Bag Bundle - £33.90 (£40.00) Save 15%
    4x Salted Caramel, 4x Sweet & Salt, 4x Cheese & Jalapeño, 2x Black Truffle, 2x Paprika