Popcorn Reinvented.

We are Maize & Grace – a new standard of popcorn, taking the nation by storm.

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our mission is simple

Great tasting popcorn without compromise.

We threw out the popcorn rulebook and threw in only the finest quality, all-natural ingredients to create something truly delicious... we call it reinvention.

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festive bundle

The Perfect Stocking Stomach Filler

Our festive 8 bag bundle makes a great Christmas gift. All the Maize & Grace favourites plus our two new limited edition flavours: Pumpkin Spice & Black Truffle

Includes: 2x Pumpkin Spice, 2x Black Truffle, 1x Paprika, 1x Sweet & Salt, 1x Salted Caramel, 1x Cheese & Jalapeño

Our popcorn is the best of both worlds

We were fed up of healthy popcorn with no taste or indulgent popcorn that packed on the pounds. So, we took the best of both and made our own... Don’t believe us? Try it!

Grab an 8 bag bundle for just £20.90 (£23.20)
Kcals per serve
Sweet & Salt
One bag (54g) contains 3 servings
allergens & nutrition
Kcals per serve
Cheese & Jalapeño
One bag (36g) contains 2 servings
allergens & nutrition
Kcals per serve
Salted Caramel
One bag (72g) contains 3 servings
allergens & nutrition
Kcals per serve
One bag (36g) contains 2 servings
allergens & nutrition
Kcals per serve
Black Truffle
One bag (36g) contains 2 servings
allergens & nutrition

Mixed Bag Bundles

Choose from one of our three mixed bag bundles and save

  • 4-Bag Intro Bundle - £9.90
    1x Salted Caramel, 1x Sweet & Salt, 1x Cheese & Jalapeño, 1x Black Truffle
  • 8-Bag Bundle - £17.90 (£20.00) Save 10%
    2x Salted Caramel, 2x Sweet & Salt, 2x Cheese & Jalapeño, 1x Black Truffle, 1x Paprika
  • 16-Bag Bundle - £33.90 (£40.00) Save 15%
    4x Salted Caramel, 4x Sweet & Salt, 4x Cheese & Jalapeño, 2x Black Truffle, 2x Paprika
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We’re partnering with London’s leading cinemas

You can find our popcorn at your favourite cinemas across the capital.

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partnerships & venues

We’re picking up new partnerships every day!

From featuring in Fresh Fitness Foods as their recommended healthy snack to buddying up with bars and pubs to create the ultimate popcorn pairing experience.

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event hire

More than just a bag of popcorn

We cater a wide range of events with fresh popcorn and ever-changing seasonal flavours that are self-dispensed into sustainable cups for easy picking

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